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What a DUI Defense Attorney Does for You

November 23, 2015

: DUI Defense

In South Carolina, mandatory sentencing can mean the loss of driving privileges if you are convicted of a DUI offense. If you are a first time offender, your license can be revoked for six months, while a third time DUI conviction can result in a permanent loss of driving privileges. Because of these strict penalties, it is best to hire an experienced DUI attorney who can help you avoid conviction.
If you are like most people in South Carolina, driving is not only a privilege but also a necessity of life. If you lose your license due to a DUI conviction, it can seriously impede your life. It forces you to depend on friends or family members or to use the public transportation system to get you where you need to go on a daily basis. This can severely limit job opportunities, cause mental frustration, and result in limited personal growth opportunities. Retaining your driver’s license gives you the freedom to move forward in life, to accept opportunities as they are presented to you, and to expand your physical boundaries. An experienced DUI defense attorney can help you keep the freedoms that driving provides.
A DUI defense attorney will:
  • Identify inconsistencies in the data collected against you.
  • Explain the case presented against you and the best strategy for the defense against that case.
  • Highlight the positive aspects of your case, including: background information, character information, and witness accounts.
  • Negotiate the reduction of charges levied against you in the case of overwhelming evidence.
Please note that, while we do not advocate drinking and driving, we do take pride in making sure that those accused of drinking and driving are treated fairly and represented properly in a court of law. If you have any questions, please contact us directly at 803-799-7900

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