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Corporate Law Attorneys in Columbia, SC

Corporate Law Attorneys in Columbia, SC

Corporate Law Attorneys in Columbia, SC

If you need help or advice with a business venture or anything else related to business transactions or planning, the experienced Bernstein & Bernstein corporate law attorneys in Columbia, SC, are here for you. Our team has extensive corporate law experience and is dedicated to helping you with your business needs. 

One of our focuses is business creation, and we can assist you in navigating the challenging process of forming a business. Our goal is to make this journey of becoming a business owner as smooth as possible, no matter the venture.

What Is Corporate Law?

Corporate law involves the handling of legal and business transactions and issues. Corporations and companies must abide by many regulations to receive tax benefits and avoid or minimize legal issues. That’s where corporate lawyers come in. 

Not only do corporate lawyers advise businesses with their responsibilities and obligations, but they also help them navigate their legal rights. They can advise all entities, including partnerships, private companies, public companies, business start-ups, and more. 

What Are Corporate Law Attorneys?

A corporate lawyer advises corporations, businesses, and entrepreneurs on their rights, responsibilities, and duties under the law. When hired, they represent the corporate entity, not its shareholders or employees. They help clients plan and structure transactions in coordination with the client’s accountants, bankers, and other advisors.

Unlike other types of attorneys, corporate lawyers rarely step foot into courtrooms. They spend most of their time doing transactional work behind the scenes, so they can help corporations avoid litigation. Some of the tasks that our corporate attorneys spend their time on include:

  • Contracts – Drafting, reviewing, negotiating, etc. 
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – Conducting due diligence, overseeing deals, etc. 
  • Corporate Governance – Creating a framework for how a corporation should be directed, drafting articles of incorporation, creating bylaws, advising corporate directors, etc.
  • Commercial Real Estate Closings – Handling the necessary legal details of the purchase or sale of commercial property.
Corporate Law Counsel and Guidance in an Array of Areas

Our corporate law and transactional attorneys in Columbia, SC, have years of experience helping entrepreneurs from all walks of life. We’re proud to provide legal counsel and guidance in many areas of corporate law.

Business Formation
  • Incorporations
  • Limited liability partnerships
  • Limited liability companies
Preparation of Organizational Documentation
  • Articles of organization
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Partnership agreements and other corporate documents
  • Mergers
  • Stock and asset acquisitions
  • Recapitalizations
Business Contracts and Agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Operating agreements
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Franchising
  • Company finance
Contractual and Business Disputes
  • Management and shareholder disagreements
  • Shareholder oppression
  • Fiduciary duty claims
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements.
Contractual and Business Disputes
  • Purchase agreement
  • Title search and title insurance
  • Escrow
  • Due diligence (i.e. Identifying restrictive covenants and easements, zoning rules, environmental and regulatory concerns, survey, financing, inspections, etc)
  • Drafting closing documents
Corporate Law Counsel and Guidance in an Array of Areas

Do you need help starting a business venture or need advice on anything else related to business transactions or planning? Consider meeting with one of our experienced corporate law and commercial real estate attorneys in Columbia, SC. Our law firm team can protect you from costly mistakes, errors in documents and figures, and other problems that could lead to litigation or other expensive legal action.

Bernstein & Bernstein is here to help your business thrive. Give us a call today to learn more.

Interested in Business Formation?

If you want to learn more about business formation in Columbia, South Carolina, you can visit the Secretary of State’s website at 

The Secretary of State’s Office is responsible for business filings for for-profit corporations, nonprofit corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and limited liability partnerships. Sole proprietorships and general partnerships do not file with the Secretary of State’s Office.

Please contact us to find out how we can assist you in your corporate legal matter.

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