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Reckless Driving

If your license is suspended in the state of South Carolina, you could lose your job. Getting your South Carolina driver’s license reinstated is expensive and time consuming. Driving under suspension in South Carolina is possible. Let the attorneys at Bernstein and Bernstein help you get your driving privileges restored.

Your SC driver’s license can be suspended if you’ve accumulated more than 12 points on your driving record, or if you’ve been charged with DUI, driving uninsured, failure to pay a traffic ticket, or failure to maintain SR-22 insurance if you’ve been convicted of DUI.

If you’ve had your license suspended for DUI in South Carolina, you may be eligible for a provisional license that allows you to drive to work, school, doctor’s appointments, etc.  You need to hire a South Carolina DUI lawyer experienced in license suspension to schedule the hearing for this request.

If your license is suspended in South Carolina for any reason, we can help you get it back. Contact the law offices of Bernstein and Bernstein for help.

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