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Second DUI Arrest

Your Second DUI Arrest in Columbia

A second Driving Under the Influence (DUI) conviction has significantly higher penalties than a first offense.  If your second DUI arrest in Columbia leads to a conviction, it can cost you both in fines and time in jail.  It can cost you your current job, and make it difficult to get a job in the future.  You need an experienced law firm like Bernstein and Bernstein to help defend your rights in court.

A second DUI conviction in South Carolina is punishable by:

  • a fine of at least $2,100, or up to $5,100


  • imprisonment for at least 5 days or up to 1 year

In addition, the court may also:

  • suspend your license and require you to surrender the registration and license plates of any vehicle owned or registered in your name
  • require the installation, at your expense, of an ignition interlock device designed to prevent the operation of the motor vehicle if the operator has consumed alcoholic beverages

In the event of a conviction, a knowledgeable attorney can minimize or eliminate some of these penalties, possibly avoiding jail time in favor of public service employment.

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