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Bike Accidents

Personal Injury Columbia Bike Accident Attorneys Dedicated to Those Injured in Bike Accidents Riding a bicycle while sharing the road with cars and other cyclists can sometimes be dangerous and not always the safest option. We aren’t just bike accident attorneys – we are avid cyclists ourselves, and enjoy biking recreationally and in bike races […]

Boating Accidents

Personal Injury Columbia Boating Accident Attorneys With so many bodies of water throughout and around Columbia South Carolina, boating is a popular outdoor activity enjoyed by many. No matter what body of water you are on, fun can turn into a catastrophe quickly, and completely change your life. Boating can be fun, but also dangerous […]

Car Accidents

Personal Injury Columbia Car Accident Attorneys The roadways can be a dangerous place and too many car accidents occur on them each day. Cars are moving down the road at increased speeds and when they collide, it can result in major life changes for those involved. These accidents can result in anywhere from very minor […]

Daycare Negligence

Personal Injury Columbia Daycare Negligence Attorneys Selecting a daycare provider, nursery school or camp can be one of the most difficult decisions a parent or guardian may make. As a parent or guardian, it is your number one priority to keep your children safe and when they are at a daycare, nursery school or camp, […]

Insurance Bad Faith

Bernstein Law Firm

Personal Injury Columbia Insurance Bad Faith Attorneys In some cases, an insurance company may deny coverage in what is called “bad faith.” Bad faith is when the insurance company denies that coverage without a reasonable basis for the denial. If an insurance company denies a claim due to a mistake or error, it is not […]

Medical Malpractice

Personal Injury Columbia Medical Malpractice Attorneys Hospitals and doctor’s offices are intended to be places of healing – when you are hurt or sick you seek out the help of a medical professional to help you recover. No one walks into a doctor’s office expecting a catastrophe. While the majority of medical professionals are educated, […]

Nursing Home Negligence

Personal Injury Columbia Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys Unfortunately, nursing home negligence in South Carolina occurs. If you have an loved one who has experienced this, we can help Having to place an elderly family member or loved one in a nursing facility can be hard enough. Knowing he or she is going to be adequately cared […]

Premises Liability

Personal Injury Columbia Premises Liability Attorneys If you visit someone’s property, it is reasonable for you, as a visitor, to expect that you will be safe. If the conditions of the property are not safe, and you are injured, you can seek compensation for premises liability. Premises liability is when some type of injury has been caused due […]

Train Accidents

Personal Injury Columbia Train Accident Attorneys Thousands of train accidents occur in the United States each year. While these types of accidents aren’t as common as others – car accidents, bike accidents, boating accidents – they have such a large impact when they do occur. Each train accident is different, resulting in a range of […]

Truck Accidents

Personal Injury Columbia Truck Accident Attorneys Sharing the road with large trucks, such as tractor-trailers and 18-wheelers, can be intimidating and scary for some drivers. Sharing the road with such large vehicles can also pose risks for others on the road. With such extensive size and power, these trucks can cause a minor accident to […]