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If You Have Been Charged with Drug Possession, What Are Your Options?

November 23, 2015

: Criminal Defense

What Are You Charged with and Where Are You Located?
Punishments for those arrested and charged with drug possession can vary greatly. If you are found guilty of having only a small amount of illegal drugs on your person or in your vehicle, your punishment would be less than for someone who is found guilty of having a larger quantity or an intent to distribute the drugs. Also, each state has different laws that cover drug possession. South Carolina’s laws are stricter than other states in the United States, so your sentence could include longer jail time, higher fines, mandatory rehabilitation programs, and more. Either way, if you are convicted of these charges, it will seriously disrupt your life.
What Is Your Best Criminal Defense?
Because a conviction of a drug offense in South Carolina can carry such high consequences, it is essential that you do not try to represent yourself. Oftentimes, these cases can be settled with a guilty plea (if indeed you are guilty) after your attorney has made arrangements for you to get a minimum sentence. If you try to represent yourself, you don’t know what all of your options are according to law, what new laws might pertain to your case, and what your best argument might be before the judge. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can listen to the facts surrounding the case and put together the best defense for you so that you can get the charges dropped, or at least get only a minimal sentence.
What Facts Are Important to Your Criminal Defense?
All of them! It is essential that you are completely honest with your criminal defense attorney. If not, you could hinder the defense that your attorney is able to provide you. The last thing you want to happen when you go to court is for the prosecution to bring up a fact that you neglected to tell your attorney beforehand. Instead, by being honest from the beginning and sharing all of the details you can think of that pertain to your case, your attorney will be able to decide what your best options are before stepping into the courtroom. Your attorney can be prepared for any attacks the prosecution might have, and can strengthen your drug possession case so that the most favorable outcome can be achieved.
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