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How to Win a DUI Hearing

November 23, 2015

: DUI Defense

Contrary to what you might have seen on television or the Internet, winning at a DUI hearing isn’t as easy as showing up, following a list of advice you found on the Internet, and walking out with a clean record. Beating a DUI conviction takes knowledge of the laws in your state of conviction, expertise in the legal process, and the ability to pull from multiple resources under pressure. That’s why the absolute best way to win a DUI hearing is to hire a DUI defense attorney.
DUI defense attorneys have a wealth of people working on their behalf, including paralegals and other researchers, who can dig into the facts of your case and find discrepancies and information that might initially have been missed. In addition to researchers investigating the facts pertinent to your case, there are also researchers that pull information on similar cases that resulted in having the charges dropped. Finally, your DUI defense attorney develops multiple strategies for your specific case and arrives in court well-prepared to represent you with an arsenal of ways to win your DUI hearing.
Instead of taking into account all that they have to lose if a DUI conviction occurs, many people assume that a DUI attorney’s services are not worth the amount that is charged. Sadly, a large portion of these individuals are now paying for their choice to not hire an attorney in other ways such as license suspensions, court fees, jail time, and loss of employment.
When it comes down to a choice between saving a few dollars to represent yourself or investing money into keeping that DUI conviction off of your record by paying for the power of a DUI defense attorney, hiring the DUI attorney is worth the money every time.
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