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How Potential Employers View a DUI Conviction

November 23, 2015

: DUI Defense

Many people fail to realize the seriousness of driving under the influence. Not only is your family impacted by a DUI conviction, but the ability to work a career of your choice both currently and in the future is affected. Whether you’re currently employed or simply looking for work, it’s important that you understand the normal view employers take when dealing with an employment application that has had a DUI conviction on it.
Age of the offense
Although you deserve the benefit of the doubt with regards to a DUI conviction, it is still a serious offence that may cost you a potential job, so you need to know how to address this in an interview. While interviewing, employers are likely to question you about when the conviction occurred, taking into account that many DUI convictions occur in those “young and reckless” years. If the offense occurred when you were “younger,” and no repeat offenses have followed, then most likely your indiscretion will be overlooked. Remember, many employers also have had some wild and crazy days in their youth, so they tend to empathize with you, having grown wiser from what they have experienced.
Clean driving history for a number of recent years
The best thing you can do if you have had a DUI conviction is to keep your current driving record clean. A potential employer is likely to look at your current track record to see if you have learned from your mistake and become more responsible. If you have demonstrated this over the course of the last 10 years and avoided additional infractions, then you have shown that your DUI may have been a simple lapse in judgment.
If you have gone through rehabilitation, then the hiring company should be made aware of it. We don’t recommend you post your DUI information on your application, but instead write that you choose to discuss your criminal record. A sincere face-to-face meeting will allow you to explain your recovery process, rather than allowing the potential employer to assume the worst and refuse an interview.
Relevance to the position held
If the position you’re being hired for does not include driving, then the DUI conviction may not weigh in heavily at all. However, having a current driving record that is free of infractions helps prove that you are trustworthy, reliable, and responsible – even if the position does not require driving.
Having a DUI is not a guaranteed rejection in the hiring process; it simply means that you have to work a little harder to prove that you are deserving of the job. Feel free to contact us at 803-799-7900 if you would like to discuss ways we may be able to help.

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