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Getting Hired With a DUI Conviction in South Carolina

November 23, 2015

: DUI Defense

Before we begin, it’s important to realize that stereotyping a person who has been found guilty of South Carolina DUI Penalties may not be “right,” but occurs every day in the job market. During the hiring process – especially during a recession when there are hundreds of applicants – your DUI conviction could be a deal breaker. In order for you to overcome this obstacle, you need to be aware of the stereotypes a potential employer might have so that you can effectively counter them. Many prospective employers, whether in South Carolina or elsewhere, assume that a job applicant with a DUI conviction means that –
1. The applicant has a substance abuse problem.
Although a DUI conviction does not necessarily mean there is a substance abuse problem, many potential employers do not take the time to find out the actual circumstances behind the conviction. This stereotype means that it is up to the applicant find a way to let the employer know the truth.
2. The applicant has judgment that is questionable.
Since companies rely on their workers to make the best decisions at all times, many employers are hesitant to hire someone who has had a DUI conviction. They assume that because the applicant had poor judgment once, he or she might have poor judgment again, and many are not willing to take the risk of hiring someone with poor judgment. Again, it is up to the applicant to prove that the DUI conviction was a one-time occurrence, and that his or her track record since that time has been impeccable.
3. The applicant is an increased liability.

Increased liability is ultimately an extension of number two – questionable judgment. However, since finances tend to drive the decisions that companies make, hiring someone who could potentially cost the company money is more liability than many companies are willing to take, especially if the job entails driving.

Although telling a potential employer about a DUI conviction is daunting, it never pays to try to hide your DUI conviction.  Be honest.  Explain how you have changed and have a clean driving record since that time.

Having a DUI is not a guaranteed rejection in the hiring process; it simply means that you have to work a little harder to prove that you are deserving of the job. Feel free to contact us at 803-799-7900if you would like to discuss ways we may be able to help.

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