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5 Things to Know Before You File a Personal Injury Case in Columbia SC

August 11, 2021

: Personal Injury

If you’re recovering from an injury, trying to afford medical bills, or dealing with the stress of your situation, pursuing a personal injury case in Columbia, SC may seem like an impossible task. You may not be sure how long it will take, how much it will cost, how much you can earn, or even if you have a case. Let’s talk about 5 things you should know before you file a personal injury case in Columbia, SC.

#1 Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit is Your Right

Personal injury lawsuits are meant to protect you and your future. If your injury was caused by another party’s negligence — a lack of care for your safety that would have prevented the injury — you may be entitled to damages. Damages can provide relief from medical expenses, compensation for pain and suffering, or reimburse lost wages from a short-term disability or long-term diminished earnings.

A Columbia lawyer can help make sure you receive what you’re entitled to, either through a trial or settlement out of court.

#2 A Columbia Lawyer Can Help You Recover More

People who work with a personal injury lawyer are likely to recover more than someone who goes through the process alone. It pays to work with a professional who understands personal injury cases. They know what you need to support your claim, how to present your case in court, how to negotiate in your best interests, and what qualifies as an adequate settlement. 

Trying to go through the process alone can be intimidating, especially if you’re still recovering from an injury. Insurance companies will be out to save money for the companies they represent and not looking out for you. A dedicated personal injury lawyer, on the other hand, will always be on your side. They will take the time to hear and understand your side of the story, and advocate for you to the court.

#3 Don’t Wait to File Your Personal Injury Suit in Columbia, SC

If you’re thinking about filing a personal injury lawsuit in Columbia, SC, the sooner you file, the better. There is a time limit in every state to file, known as a statute of limitations. In South Carolina, you generally have two or three years before you can no longer bring your claim. The clock starts on the day of your incident. Since it can take time to gather documentation and prepare your case, it’s better to start as soon as you can by working with a local Columbia, SC lawyer.

Also, the sooner you begin the process, the more likely you are to remember key information about the injury and the conditions that caused it, such as names, dates, witnesses, weather, or other details. Over time, memories can become muddled and it can be difficult to pursue a claim, even with an excellent lawyer representing you.

#4 It Won’t Cost You Anything Up Front

Most personal injury lawyers in Columbia, SC work on a contingency basis. Their fee is contingent on the outcome of the claim or lawsuit. This means that you don’t have to pay to work with an attorney upfront. Their earnings will come out of what you settle for or are awarded in the case. Contingency also works in your favor because you can trust that your lawyer is motivated to earn you top dollar. If you hire our firm, you will not pay anything unless we recover money for you.

#5 Personal Injury Cases in Columbia, SC Can Take Time

Personal injury cases are rarely a quick process, but it is worth it if compensation for your injury is justified. Before you file your claim, expect the process to take at least several months, but maybe even one or more years to complete, depending on the complexity of the case and severity of your injuries. 

It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to extend the case just to see if you will get impatient. You and your attorney share the same goal, so you can trust they are working to conclude the case as quickly and efficiently as possible, but they won’t encourage you to settle for less than your claim is worth.

Ready to pursue your personal injury suit? Trust Bernstein & Bernstein to help you get what you deserve. Your local Columbia, SC lawyers, we’re experienced in claims just like yours and are ready to earn you the peace and relief you need after your traumatic experience. Give us a call or reach out to our team online today.

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